Now you can get rid of chapped lips by using Kylie Skin’s Glossy Lip Oil: a new launch.

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Kylie Skin's Glossy Lip Oil
Kylie Skin’s Glossy Lip Oil

Are you tired of using such local lip balms to avoid chapped and dry lips this winter? Or are you fed up with wasting so much money on those expensive lip creams that don’t even work? No need to worry now, Kylie Skin’s Glossy Lip Oil is here to solve the problem. It is a brand-new launch of Kylie Jenner’s beauty line.

The existing Lip collection of Kylie Skin which already includes Lip scrub and lip mask is now updated with a lip oil. Recently Kylie Jenner tweeted on her official Twitter account about the new launch of her Skincare brand. She wrote, “My NEW Kylie Skin Lip Oil. I am sooooo excited about this.”

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Benefits of Kylie Skin’s Glossy Lip Oil.

The company, Kylie Jenner’s skincare brand, claims that the Glossy lip oil is non-sticky to prevent mugginess between the lips. Moreover, they claim that their new product will deeply hydrate and comforts your dry lips. The oil will leave your lips looking smooth, soft, and naturally plumed.

According to a study in 2009, the woman with bigger, fuller, and plumed lips appears younger than their biological age. And we are living in a world of chasing wellness. It will not be wrong if I say that achieving full lips has become the latest esthetic fashion and trend.

So, the Skincare line of Kylie claims that their lip oil is formulated with an innovative lip plump complex. The lip plum complex will leave your lips to look Plummer along with vitamin E and coconut oil for softness and a smoother look.

This Kylie Skin’s Glossy Lip Oil will be launching on the 19th of January on their website and will cost $22. The lip oil which will be giving you a softer and naturally plumping effect is liked by Kylie to have a shine to her lips. She said in the tweets, “This glossy Lip Oil leaves your lips hydrated and naturally plumed. I love putting this on before bed and waking up with the softest lips.”

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