Oakland Tech High School Shooting Footage Video Gunfire During Football Game Victims Name

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Malfeasance is no rare thing these, crime is spreading like wildfire all over the world at a shockingly rapid rate. These usually lead to the innocents being the victims of whatever conflict or crime took place. Something similar and blood-curdling is smashing the headlines again, which tells us the news taking over the world is that a shooting calamity recently took place in Oakland high school. This disaster took place on Thursday and this catastrophe deeply wounded almost three people. As with every other, this shocking news is breaking barriers on several social media platforms, and many netizens’ reactions are coming to s; everyone seems to be seeking justice for the three unfortunate victims. So, without further ado and wasting any more time, let us dig deeper into this news. Below in this article, you will find everything you need, and important pieces of information. 

This devastating misfortune occurred at Oakland Technical Highschool during a football game where 10-year-olds from Oakland and Fresno were opponents. The gunfire had probably emerged from the stands, leaving a 5-year-old girl and two adults (a couple) extremely wounded. Then immediately after this, all three of the victims of the brutal gunfire were taken to the nearest medical facility so that they could give the officials their examinations and, of course, treat the patients and provide them with medicines in an attempt to hello them feel better and heal because, as said before, they were in an extremely critical condition.

 What happened at Oakland, high tech School?


There have been countless gun shooting calamities this year; no hesitation in saying 2022 was a year filled with brutal gun violence and a rise in it.  And besides this, we are informed that around 310 mass shooting incidents have come in front of the world in the last seven moonly. And now, because of this, many people have been contacting the authorities, putting forward the request to take away the guns that the person possessed illegally that have caused so much death. This was because if someone having a gun lost control over their temper, it would end with them killing or injuring people with the weapon, as it is hard to think of anything when you’re blinded with anger, especially people who have no control over their emotions and get mad easily. 

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Adding on to the information above, there is a common theme in all of the crimes, the weapons were either stolen or taken illegally, which is why when the culprit escapes the crime scene, the original owner of the weapon is brought into the case, even if they had nothing to do with it. Thai happens to be why the management team officials are making sure that they have the list of everyone in possession of a gun, pistol, or any lethal, and THEN they further investigate the case. The information above has been derived from different resources, and we will certainly inform you when we get to know more.

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