Ohio Judge denies request to delay Ohio primary election

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An Ohio judge in the United States rejected the request to postpone to June the Ohio primary scheduled for tomorrow. The governor of that state, Mike DeWine, prompted this request due to the coronavirus crisis. 

Ohio primary election
Ohio primary election

Richard Frye’s decision, Franklin County Common Court Judge, does not change the primary schedule scheduled for Tuesday.

State officials can appeal the decision, according to local media. Who warned about the possible confusion that this situation could cause among voters.

Frye refused in his ruling, picked up by the media, to address DeWine’s request when only 12 hours were left for the opening of the voting points.

He said in his decision, the judge, that there were many factors to weigh in that unknown territory to say that he should take that away from the legislature. And had elected officials across the state and had thrown it at a Columbus common court judge 12 hours the previous the election. 

In a joint statement in response to that decision, DeWine and Ohio Secretary of State in charge of organizing electoral processes, Frank LaRose, said. Frank said Ohio citizens “should not be forced to choose between their health and exercise their constitutional rights.”

They said that the health and safety of Ohio’s citizens was the only thing more important than a fair and free election. They added in the statement in which they did not clarify whether they will take more steps to suspend tomorrow’s elections.

DeWine had initially called for a postponement of the primary election after 50 positive COVID-19 cases reported in this state.

DeWine Statement On Twitter On Ohio Primary

“It is my recommendation that we postpone the in-person vote until June 2, 2020,” DeWine said on his Twitter account.

At a press conference, DeWine justified his request. “We cannot tell people to stay home because of their interest and at the same time tell people to vote”.

Ohio primary election
Ohio primary election

DeWine admitted that he does not have the authority to postpone the Ohio election unilaterally. Hence, he supported the lawsuit filed today by individual voters seeking to postpone the vote until June 2.

Other states that have postponed their primaries are Georgia, which has moved them from next week to May. Louisiana that he has moved his voting from the beginning of April to June. Puerto Rico, where Democrats have asked to delay the election from end of this month to the end of next.

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