Oluwatoyin Salau found dead after been missing for several days.

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Oluwatoyin Salau
Oluwatoyin Salau

Florida protestor Oluwatoyin Salau was found dead as she was found on the street, begging for the justice of Black people. Her family and the police confirmed her death on Monday Morning. The suspect was 19 years old.

Salau was one of the two victims of homicide. She was found dead in Southeast Tallahassee. Her body was found a couple of miles from the site where she was the last seen in Orange way and Wahnish Way.

Victoria Vicki Sims:

Another girl knows as Victoria Vicki Sims 75 is also found to be missing. The police are trying to find the suspect, but they haven’t got any lead up till now. Victoria was very active in volunteerism and her work in local democratic politics. She was a retired state worker and a grandmother.

However, it has not been found out that what led to the double homicide of the two victims. Salau went missing three days before she was found dead. A family member confirmed her death on Saturday night.

“There is no justice that can be served that will replace my sister’s life,” her brother, Oluwaseyi Salau said.

The last time her friend saw her was the day she went missing. She further added that “I had a feeling that we were not going to find Toyin alive,” said Hemphill, 22.

She used to say, “I don’t want their names gone in vain,” Salau said during one protest in front of the Tallahassee Police Department last month.

Hemphill didn’t know her friend would join the list of the people who fought for the cause with their blood.

“Toyin was very passionate,” said Hemphill. “She was very vocal. She was very loving, very spiritual, very caring.

“Toyin, she was like a light in a dark room. That was Toyin.”

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