Olympics: Japanese team won first gold medal against the American team

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The newly destroyed US Olympic baseball team lined up behind him to greet the Japanese gold medalist.
The Americans gritted their teeth and congratulated the Japanese with a smile. United States is the only team that scared Japan in the Olympic baseball game and damaged the armor of the host country. But for the second time in less than a week, this time for the gold medal they could not beat the Japanese team and eventually lost 2-0. “They are worthy of victory,” Scioscia said. Since the 1992 Olympics became an official Olympic event, they won the first silver medal and the third baseball medal. Baseball was eliminated in 2012 and 2016. They ended the game 4-2.

The result was a breakthrough for Japan. This country obsessed with baseball has never won a gold medal, a silver medal once, and a bronze medal twice. Earlier in the day, another baseball power, the Dominican Republic, defeated South Korea 10-6 and won the sport’s first Olympic medal.

Japanese won first gold medal
Japanese team expressing joy

62-year-old Scioscia said:

“I devoted myself to it and it was enough. So, I won’t manage anymore. My next step is to relax tomorrow. I want to call the coaching staff to drink beer together.” Scioscia took over the job of managing Americans in April, and three months later, Tommy Rasoda, the manager of his entire 13-year career, passed away. The Japanese team played the most popular role in these games, leading American starter Nick Martinez in a single home run by third baseman Munetaka Munetaka Munetaka in the third inning on Saturday.

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The two teams exchanged zeros until the Japanese team doubled their lead in two singles, one sacrifice short hit, and one turnover. “We knew they would come to us, and they caught us today,” American third baseman Todd Fraser said. The Japanese team lost 5-0 to the United States in the tournament: They only lost two games-the first of a 7-6, 10 innings thriller on Monday. An American roster is a group of players at all stages of their careers. They have a wide range of experience and ambitions because Major League Baseball does not allow players on the 40-man roster to participate in the game.

On Saturday, in the final scene of his coaching, he and his coaching staff watched the award ceremony in front of the US air-raid shelter on the first base side. He still wears a full uniform of No. 54, and he applauds every time an American is announced and won his silver medal.

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