On Imran Khan’s instruction, the head of FIA was imprisoned in the bathroom of the PM House.

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Imran Khan

In an interview with a private news program, the former police officer verified the Twitter charges made by a hacker.

Geo News said that the hacker revealed confidential information about the meeting between Memon and the former prime minister in a series of deleted tweets.

Geo News said that the former FIA director general was allegedly imprisoned in a bathroom at the PM House and forced to comply with Imran Khan’s directives.

In response to the allegations, Memon acknowledged the specifics, stating that the former prime minister used derogatory language towards PML-N leader Maryam Nawaz, which enraged him and prompted him to retaliate violently.

At this point, Memon explained, the then-prime minister’s principal secretary, Azam Khan, grabbed his hand, led him out of the room, and locked him in the restroom.

Imran Khan

M0emon stated, “Azam Khan then reprimanded me for my behavior with the Prime Minister.”

It is important to note that the government has constituted a powerful committee to investigate the audio leaks from the PM House, which have raised concerns about its cyber security.

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Multiple audio leaks of PM House meetings have been posted online, igniting a new political storm about the PTI’s US conspiracy theory.

Imran Khan

Imran Khan was purportedly audible in one of the audios discussing the US cipher issue and how to exploit it to bolster the party’s narrative.

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