On Live TV, a US News Anchor Suffers “The Beginnings Of A Stroke”

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Julie Chin

In the television industry, stumbling is not uncommon, but when it occurs due to a sudden health issue, it causes concern. Recently, an American news anchor began to have a stroke live on air, which caused her to stutter and forced the Saturday morning broadcast to cease. Julie Chin of NBC station KJRH in Tulsa could not utter the words she was reading from her teleprompter while reporting on the delayed launch of NASA’s Artemis-I.

In a social media-posted video, Ms Chin could be seen stumbling over the phrases she was reading from her teleprompter.

Mike Sington, a senior executive at NBCUniversal, tweeted the video, which went viral.

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Ms Chin fought to continue the broadcast while disoriented and stuttering, but she soon realized that she could not read her script aloud.

She ultimately remarked, “I’m sorry, something is going on with me this morning, and I apologize to everyone,” before turning over the show to the weather crew. Let’s immediately forward it to meteorologist Annie Brown.

Ms Chin was attempting an apology off-camera as Annie Brown took up the broadcast without a hitch.

As the show shifted to her, Ms Brown exclaimed with a chuckle, “Julie, we love you so much, we love you so much!” “Everyone has those days,” she continued.

Later, on Sunday evening, Ms Chin posted on Facebook that she was in good health and that her physicians believed she had just suffered “the beginnings of a stroke, not a full stroke.”

Ms Chin stated that despite feeling excellent before the broadcast, her health rapidly and drastically deteriorated afterwards.

Ms Chin uploaded a photograph of herself in the hospital while seeking treatment for her stroke. She said that she was healthy and would be returning to work soon.

Julie Chin

She also praised a few coworkers who, in her words, acted swiftly upon realizing what was occurring.

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