On Set: Double for a Movie Star + Additional UK Castings

Casting News

Right now, these projects are looking for talent in the UK, so hone your abilities at self-taping and auditions and get to work.

Equivalent to two movie stars

For a feature film that is being filmed in the UK this summer, Key Casting is looking for two actors to play supporting roles. It is a fantastic chance that pays up to £8,000 for an expected 20 days of labor, but the casting notice does not identify the individuals. Ages between 20 and 46 are the ideal range for applicants for both positions. Apply through the casting notice.

Voiceover for a movie about charity

An organization that supports women’s reproductive rights is looking for a female voice actor for a 90-second short. A voice from Sub-Saharan Africa will narrate the story in English. It pays a flat cost of £900 and recordings remotely on June 13. Apply through the casting notice.

Engage in internet gossip

The main character of “Gossiping Worker” in an upcoming telecoms industry campaign is being cast by Affixxius Films. Talent (regardless of gender) should be 25+. Paying £350 plus a £400 online-only buyout, it shoots in the Midlands at the end of June. Apply through the casting notice.

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Brand film based on a board game

A quick documentary by RD Content on a beloved board game is currently accepting applications. Two adult men (Black, 40–55) and three male children make up the roles. Filmed in London in mid-June, it offers a maximum compensation of £500. Apply through the casting notice.


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