Once an enemy, now friends: Rakhi Sawant and Mika Singh become friends again after their controversy in 2008!

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A surprising news came into headline, forgetting the past singer Mika Singh friends with Bollywood item queen Rakhi Sawant. Rakhi and Mika hugged one another and told the media reporter that now they are sharing friend bond and forgot about the past experience they had together. If you guys remember that in the year 2008 Rakhi Sawant filed a report against Mika Singh when at Rakhi’s birthday celebration, Mika suddenly hugged Rakhi and kissed in inadequate manner.

Rakhi and Mika don’t need to grab the recent incident and increase the bitterness. Mika Singh recently met Rakhi. They told reporters, forgetting the old things. Currently they’re now amazing friends and shared a very good bond with each other. Rakhi even became opened while praising Mika Singh and even hugged him. Rakhi praised Mika for her work, labeled her as ‘Sing Is King’.

Rakhi Sawant and Mika Singh
Rakhi Sawant and Mika Singh

Actor-dancer Rakhi Sawant and singer Mika Singh’s ill-famed kiss contestation created a large drama within the year 2006. Just after few days when the incident happened Rakhi and Mika’s controversial kiss created headlines. Now, appears like the pair has finally determined to bury the hatchet. She and singer ran into one another in Mumbai and greeted one another warmly.

The pair was snapped at Mumbai’s restaurant by paparazzi and was seen necking and showering praise at one another. As presently as Rakhi saw Mika, she praised his work saying and labeling him with ‘Singh is King, Singh is King’.

Similarly mika was also very glad to meet her. He said that he was passing by once he saw Rakhi and he couldn’t ignore her. She then told him that actor Salman Khan saved her mother by obtaining the simplest team of doctors and coverings. She additional claimed in front of media that, “Humlog dost hai ab (We are friends now).”

Mika then praised Rakhi’s performance on BiggBoss season 14 and give her the credit of show’s success and said that it had been diverting solely thanks to Rakhi. The controversial queen then praised Mika for extending facilitate to thousands of individuals amid the Covid-19 pandemic. Rakhi conjointly touches the feet of Mika and calls him a ‘Bhai’ (brother) at some point of the video that had gone viral all over internet.

Rakhi Sawant and Mika Singh
Rakhi Sawant and Mika Singh

After Sawant had filed a case of molestation against the singer, Mika also maintained statement that Rakhi had kissed him first and then he kissed her back. She claimed that he forcefully kissed during his birthday bash. Talking concerning the incident, Mika had reportedly told a news portal he had strictly avoided Rakhi thanks to her offensive temperament. However, she found the party and commenced to be over-friendly with him.

Moreover singer also claims that Rakhi smashed the cake on his face due to which he suffered from a skin hypersensitivity reaction. The singer then lost his temper so on teach her a lesson, he kissed her in public but he didn’t know that it will become the headline next day.

It may be mentioned that Mika had conjointly created a song collaborating with Meet Brothers on the consideration of this incident. The song called Aye Bhai Tune Pappi Kyun Li?

Meanwhile, talking concerning BigBoss season 14, Rakhi was one among the toughest rival on the show and conjointly grabbed attention for her chemistry with Abhinav Shukla. Whereas she false to be smitten with the actor, she recently admitted her admiration and connection with Abhinav throughout BB14.

“I started a fake affair with Rubina’s husband for recreation and ratings. However I won’t lie, somewhere I got a bit connected as a result of he was such a pleasant person. One gets connected even to animals and then he was a human being. He cared a lot for his better half. He was good in each means,” she was quoted.

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