One person was killed in the Austin protests shooting

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Austin protests shooting

One person was killed in the Austin protests shooting. Garrett Foster took the gun to Austin to dispute. Then he was gunshot.

Austin protests shooting

Police in Austin, Texas have not yet exposed that the driver seriously shot a striker after driving in the path of the marchers. It is not uncommon for Garrett Foster to complain about police violence on Saturday night. It is not awkward to arm him when he is marching. Mr. Foster took the AK-47 gun and joined in the “Black Life Difficulty” display block from the State Capitol in Austin, Texas. In protests in Texas, gun privileges supporters on the left and right often carried guns.

Exhausting a black bandanna and baseball cap, Mr. Foster ran into a self-sufficient reporter for the duration of the march past on Saturday. He did not help through the weapon fixed to the belt. Mr. Foster told journalist Hiram Gilberto Garcia who was interviewed live on the periscope: “They no longer allow us to protest march in the road, so I have to exercise some rights.”

After that night, Mr. Foster was shot. Authorities said he was killed by a motorist. The police and observer said that the man in the car keenly turned it towards the march, and then Mr. Foster reached it. The driver fired and fired three shots at Mr. Foster. He was taken to the hospital but he was dead.

Austin City Police Chief Brian Manley

Austin City Police Chief Brian Manley told journalists on Sunday that as the motorists twisted about, a group of protesters encircled the car and some people beat the car. The unknown driver then opened fire from the car when Mr. Foster reached.

Some minutes later the shooting, the driver called 911 and said that he was caught up in the shooting and had left the view. The caller told that he shot a man who approached the driver’s window and pointed the gun at him.

Mr. Foster’s declaration

“About Mr. Foster’s declaration, it was Mr. Foster that openly aimed the weapon at him, and then he fired a pistol at Mr. Foster,” the captain said of the driver.

The driver and others who fired were apprehended and interviewed by detectives. Chief Manly said that both overcome pistol licenses issued by the condition and were released as the investigation continues.

The shooting surprised the capital, and demonstrations and marches were a self-important and ordinary custom. By Sunday night, a page on GoFundMe could help Mr. Foster’s family pay for the funeral. When Mayor Steve Adler and other officials articulated their condolences on Sunday, at least one police chief criticized Foster.

On Twitter, Kenneth Casaday, chairman of the Austin Police Officers’ Union, tweeted a video clip of Mr. Foster and clarify to sovereign journalist Mr. Garcia why he carried a rifle. In the clip, I heard Mr. Foster talk about “all those who disgust us” in curse words, but he was too frightened to “stop and in fact do anything about it”.

Mr. Casadi wrote in a tweet: “This is the person who lost his life last night. He was looking for confrontation but found it.”

Mr. Garcia has filmed many expression

Mr. Garcia has filmed many expressions in Austin in fresh weeks and captured the chaotic moment of the filming procedure on the spot. When the car honked, the protesters were crossing an intersection. When a man yelled “Everyone backs up”, the marchers seemed to gather just about the car. At that time, there were five gunshots, and soon there were many loud noises, which echoed in the streets of the city.

His mother told the Dallas News that her son had been participating in protests with guns, and he participated in the protests with the fiancée of five amputees. In the periscope video, the fiancée said that they had been protesting for “a month and a half.”

Sheila Foster said

Sheila Foster said: “The cause why he participated in these protests was because he was warfare the cruelty of the police.” “When it occurs, he was just about her wheelchair across the crossroads.

Relatives and witnesses told reporters that Mr. Foster, but he did not look for trouble in the march. At the time of the shooting, Mr. Foster was pushing his fiancé through a wheelchair crossing.

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