Oprah Winfrey pillared Minnie food pantry’s mission by aiding them with money over the years.

She recently mentioned in her tweet that she has been given and raising a lot of money for the Mannie food pantry.

This food pantry was founded by Dr. Cheryl Jackson, who after 12 years she started her food pantry, “nobody understands hunger, politicians least of all.” 

Oprah Winfrey appreciated this food pantry by saying they are angels in the Texas community.

Oprah Winfrey pillared Minnie food pantry's mission
Oprah Winfrey pillared Minnie food pantry’s mission

As this year of pandemic brings up difficult times and many are facing food insecurity, Oprah is proud of helping the pantry.

Oprah said she is helping them with another donation as she doesn’t want them to stop and keep helping those in need.

Oprah also emphasizes her fans and admirers to join her in the mission of erasing hunger and supporting Minnie’s food pantry.

She wished everyone by saying ‘happy holidays’ and counsel others to visit their website for further acknowledgment.


It was the 12th birthday of Minnie’s food pantry, in April 2020, which was celebrated by providing 1.5 million healthy meals.

They claim to help every person that has walked through their doors, from single-parent to business executive.

Minnie’s food pantry not only serve food but also encouragement and hope for all those facing ups and downs coming in their lives.

Over the years they have served 14,886,743 healthy meals yet, including 4000 thanksgiving meals, with the aid of their partners.

It was seen Cheryl Jackson retweeted and calling Oprah her mentor and friend by saying,

“I am sitting here thinking about the first day I watched your show. You inspired me to live a life of purpose.

During the roughest points of my journey your soul connected with mine and my life has forever been changed I humbly say, ‘thank you’ mentor and friend.”

She used the #tears hashtag and additionally said that her desire to feed others is because it was her facing this too.

She thanked Oprah for all that she has taught and the support she provides by helping Minnie’s food pantry.

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