Ozark Season 3: business continues to rise in its third and best season

The Ozark season 3 is already on Netflix, with the shady business of the Byrde family and what is its best installment.

After two critically acclaimed seasons, Ozark returns to Netflix with his third season and with the Byrde family’s problems in his particular business.

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And when we thought that this production could not impress us anymore, this new release shows that it is on the rise, as are the Byrde businesses.

The same goes for Jason Bateman, recognized by Arrested Development and his current work on the HBO series The Outsider, who continues with a great job starring and directing this series.

Let’s catch up

Ozark Season 3

For those who don’t remember or haven’t seen it, Ozark premiered in 2017 with the intriguing story of Marty Byrde (Jason Bateman), an executive at a financial consulting firm.

He takes on a million-dollar debt left by his former colleagues, after “borrowing” a large sum of money from one of his clients, a powerful kingpin of a Mexican cartel.

Forced to pay the debt, Byrde must go to Lake Ozark with his family, where he must launder a large sum of money from this drug lord.

From then on, there were only problems: the FBI chased them. They got involved between the drug cartel and sector mafias, and the Byrdes did everything to stay alive.

And if in the second season, Marty’s wife, Wendy Byrde (Laura Linney), ruined the protagonist’s plans to escape the world of money laundering, this third installment, the best of all, it brings new problems for the family.

Wendy Byrde’s time has come

Ozark Season 3

If a character evolved and made us his fan, it is none other than Wendy Byrde.

And it is that her evolution, especially with the end of the second season, transformed her into a strong character and now, in the Ozark Season 3, she is a woman-at-arms who wants to take the business to a new path.

There is a key aspect in this third installment: the fight between Marty and Wendy to see how to continue with these illegitimate businesses.

While the first wants to leave this life at home, his wife seeks new investments and thus feel more confident that the drug cartel will do nothing to her. A fight between the cautious Marty and the risks Wendy wants to take.

But not only conflicts between marriage are in these new chapters. The drug cartel is waging an all-out war that worries the Byrdes, in addition to having the FBI on their backs watching every minute what they are doing.

Undoubtedly, one of the best series on Netflix and that we will probably see nominated at this year’s Emmy Awards.

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