Apple’s HomePod Mini all details are here

HomePod Mini Apple started late in the consumer price-based smart speaker market, but eventually joined Amazon and Google with the $99 HomePod Mini. You need to know some things like:  The Mini is much smaller than the fourth-generation Amazon Echo speakers and Google Nest Audio. Although it doesn’t sound like […]

The return of the Kapur with Emma Thompson

Helen Dunmore

Film producer Shekhar Kapur announced on Monday that he is going to begin preparations for the upcoming Academy Awards director Emma Thompson. This film will mark Kapur’s return to feature-length filming after the 2007 TV series “Elizabeth: The Golden Age” starring Cate Blanchett. Kapoor said he is very happy to […]

Gucci vs Jeezy

Helen Dunmore

COMPLEX tweeted A battle for the ages        #VERZUZ It is not strange in any era. There is always competition between new and old. But it is quite an exciting battle we are going to watch after the announcement of Gucci. Gucci Mane announced that he would face Jeezy in the […]