Palestinian Child mourns at her father’s funeral and got killed the next day by Israel Militant!

Usman Ashraf
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We all were calling this was as a Palestine-Israel conflict but do you really think it is a conflict? It is genocide. Israel is killing the innocent Muslims of Gaza just for the sake of a piece of land where they can establish themselves and get accepted by all the United Nations so that they can make their power of hold globally.

After a long war between the two states Israel again started provoking Muslims. They first entered Al Aqsa masjid that is third most holy site for Muslims and open fire there when it was the time of the holy month of Ramadan when Muslims were peacefully praying. And now they have started Airstrikes, bombing and launching missiles and rocket on Palestine. Israel defended those airstrikes by claiming that Islamic Resistance Movement maintained offices within the buildings, and oral communication that the journalists had been given a warning to evacuate.

Palestinian Child mourns at her father’s funeral

Recently many of pictures and heartbroken videos from Palestine are getting viral all over the internet surface where we can clearly see how disrespectfully and brutally Muslims are being treated. One of the most saddest video was when a Palestinian man was killed by Israel’s air strikes and bombing, when his funeral took place and he was taken to get buried we can see his young son crying and mourning for her father. In the video we can clearly feel how painful was it for him to assume that his father is no more with him. He was in the great grieved.

Israel Militant killed young Palestinian

There are millions of views on that video which was posted three days back. According to media that young Palestinian boy was also killed by Israel on 18th of May. It was very disturbing and people freak out seeing such aggression towards Palestine shown by several videos.

Many of people are speaking for the rights of Palestine and there have been many marches based on Free Palestine and let them live. Many Muslim countries have also announced to support Palestine if Israel calls war against him. Pakistan, Iran, Turkey agrees to help and support their Muslim brothers and sisters. Syria and Lebanon even launches missiles and rockets into Israel. Every single nation in UN Security Council has called for ceasefire in Israel except one country which is America. Yes you were guessing it right. America still supports Israel’s aggression towards innocent Palestinians.

We wish this ends up soon and this world would be a peaceful place for all of us without innocent killings and injustice.

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