Parasite: Available on Amazon Prime on March 27

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Parasite Amazon Prime: Parasite is an Oscar-winning Korean film, directed by “Bong Joon-ho.”. Bong Joon-ho is also the writer of Parasite.

Overall, Parasite won four “92nd Academy Awards,” including Best Director, Best Picture, Best International Feature Film, and Best Original Screenplay award.

Parasite launched on May 30, 2019, a year ago all around the world, and January 31 here in India.

Parasite Amazon Prime
Now Parasite Available on Amazon Prime

The Parasite will be available on March 27 on India’s best streaming service, “Amazon Prime.”.

On Amazon Prime, it will be available in its original Korean language. But to get more and more audience attention, they dubbed it in Hindi with, also, English subtitles. 

It became the first main Korean film to win the Oscar award. However, more significantly, it was the first film entirely not in the English language to catch the top prize (Oscar).

Past champs, 1988 “epic biopic (1988)”, “The Last Emperor” and “crime drama Slumdog Millionaire (2008)”, had the greater part of their dialogues in other than English, however not so much.

The film is a sarcastic look at classism and enterprises. And how the two have prompted a broadening financial divergence. Those significant thoughts are enclosed by what is basically a standard thriller package.

Because in this movie, a low-income family worms its way into the place of a wealthy family.

Parasite Amazon Prime
Parasite team winning Oscar Award

Story of the “Parasite”:

The Kims, his mother “Chung-sook” and father “Ki-taek,” and their young grown-up child “Ki-charm” and girl “Ki-jung” are the main characters.

They belong to a poor family living in a ratty and squeezed half-basement apartment in a bustling lower regular workers’ business locale of Seoul.

Without knowing it, they, particularly Mr. and his Mrs. Kim, indeed smell of neediness. “Ki-charm” is the person who dreams of escaping from this poverty full life by going to college.

Regardless of not having that advanced degree, Ki-charm is prescribed for a generously compensated mentoring work, producing any expectations of average pay.

Conveying the desires for his family on his shoulders, Ki-charm heads to the home of Mr. Park, the house of a worldwide IT firm. It is at this house Ki-charm meets Yeon-gyo, the delightful youngster of the house.

Be that as it may, behind this gathering, a relentless series of incidents lies in pause. 

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