Pence has won the vice presidential debate, are you serious?

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Critics say the buzz of the media on the fly proves that Pence has won the debate

The mainstream media was very busy on Wednesday night

Who won the vice presidential debate?

Sarah Isgur: There is a fly on Pence’s head

Ah, it’s nice to be back in 2012…if it’s just one night. The vice presidential debate is substantive on issues ranging from China to hydraulic fracturing to taxation policies.

There is no doubt that this is a confrontation between two long-serving politicians engaged in barb deals in Washington State. boring. Maybe we have forgotten how cute the real boredom is.

Senator Kamala Harris has high expectations, but the threading is much harder.

She and former Vice President Joe Biden lead the polls, so her campaign does not need or does not want to change the trajectory of the game. The tone of her discussion is very important.

However, there is no room for upside at this point, because Biden’s campaign has plunged her into policy weeds — whether it is supporting abortion restrictions or whether to increase seats in the Supreme Court — this will only shut downvoters who have not voted. She avoided these.

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Does it matter?

No. Since Pence has been talking about his time, Harris will not answer whether she supports the addition of Supreme Court judges. Has the game changed tonight? of course not. Since it is not 2012, everyone will be concerned about the fly on Pence’s head tonight.

Sarah Isgur is a CNN political analyst. She is a staff writer at The Dispatch and an adjunct professor in the School of Media and Public Affairs at George Washington University. She has participated in three Republican presidential campaigns before and graduated from Harvard Law School.

Julian Zelizer: Democrat, the threat to Trump is more direct

There is a fundamental asymmetry between Democrats and Republicans: As Trump’s former adviser Steve Bannon once said, Republicans have a head injury and Democrats have a pillow fight.

Tonight, this is on display.

Given her excellent orator skills and debating ability, Harris was incredibly constrained-even insisting on the time when Pence moved on. Faced with a vice president of government who can only be compared with James Buchanan, Herbert Hoover, and Richard Nixon, the senator still did not participate.

 The two candidates are actually separated by a Plexiglas barrier because Pence may be one of the people who caught Covid-19 in the White House’s Lu policies policy, which symbolizes their entire response to the pandemic.

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