Pentagon Unit is going to release some finds publically after off-world vehicle found

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The UFO was founded according to the New York Times

The new York time just dropped a piece of news in the world of UFO and also in alien studies. Specifically, the Senate intelligence committee recent requests from comprehensive, unclassified government reports on UFOs.

A pentagon UFO unit gonna make some investigations public as an ex-advisor suggested that. The Vehicle “not made on this earth” was placed in the government of United States storage.

The new York times reported

The new York times reported that the will update the united states intelligence committee on this unclarified object which is also called UFO.

At the start of June, the annual act of intelligence authorization initiated by a senator.


Marci Rubio asked for a detailed analysis of Aerial Unidentified Phenomena Data and intelligence report collected by an office of Naval Intelligence.

Unidentified Aerial Phenomena task force

It also includes data and intelligence reporting collected by Unidentified Aerial Phenomena task force.

This was an undecent move because the report on the bill called a government-led … an identified Aerial Phenomenon Task Force.

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In 2017 a predecessor unit called advanced aerospace threat identification program was disclosed.

Officials of the defense department said that the unit and it’s $22 million in funding had lapped after 2012.

People who are working for the program said that it was still in operation in 2017 and also beyond. It was later confirmed by the defense department.

The program was begun

The program was begun in 2007 and placed within the office of the undersecretary of defense for intelligence. Which remains responsible for its overnight.

But on the other hand, its coordination will be carried out by the office of naval intelligence. And also it is described by the Senate budget bill.

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Disclosion of this program

This program was little disclosed in 2017 operations. According to theTimes, the advance Aerospace Threat Identification Programs’ previous director named Luis Elizondo.

He was the part of the group that convinced an object of unidentified origin crashed on earth.

Eric W.Davis stated that he examined the off-world material

An astrophysicist, Eric W.Davis who worked as a consultant for the pentagon UFO program said that.; he examined material that shockingly reveals that we couldn’t make that material ourselves.

Defense contractor Aerospace Corp worker, Davis, said that he gave a classified briefing to DDA ( defense de[artmenet agency).

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In which he discusses and also examines off-world vehicles that can not be made on this earth.

Former Leader of The Senate Harry Reid admitted that

Former leader of senate Harry Reid who admitted at the start of this year 2020 that congress used a black budget to study UFOs.

He also told the Times that after looking into these types of programs.

He came to know that the government is extremely possessed by UFO material. In the report, he added his conclusion.

He said that I came to know that some materials were substantive and some not so substantive.

There was a crucial material and also actual that the government and the private sector had in their possession.

He also said that he believes o the crashes of vehicles from other worlds had occurred. And then discover material had been studied for decades.

The acting chairman of the senate select committee on intelligence recently told to the CBS Miami.

We need to find out everything, maybe there is a completely or we can say a sort of boring explanation but we should find it …..

Recent report of New York Times

According to the recent report of the New York Times.

A new fully top-secret pentagon program has been conducting and over the decades it has classified briefing, analyzing various encounters.

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A senate committee report last month revealed that a new UFO was reported at the end of June.

DOD said that it shut down in AATIP in 2012. The department is still investing the claimed sighting of the alien spacecraft.

This department will continue to through normal procedures investigate and also report unidentified aircraft.

Which was encountered by US military aviators to ensure homeland defenses.

And also its protection against strategic surprise by advisors of our nation.

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