People are finally sick with candy corn

The annual map of each state’s favorite Halloween candy reveals that people are finally sick with candy corn

It is this season, so the annual map showing each state’s favorite Halloween candy is back, and this year’s FINALLY shows that people are tired of candy corn.

The last time we took a serious look at each state’s favorite Halloween candy was in 2018, and states such as Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico, Alabama, Rhode Island, and Michigan are arranging candy corn. I encountered some problems in the first place.

Especially because in another survey of 40,000 people, Candy Corn was rated as the second-worst Halloween candy ever.

Didn’t even let us start with Nebraska and Washington. Saltwater toffee? True?

At least according to data from the job site Zippia, no state in the United States has chosen sugar corn this year.

However, Circus Peanuts in New Hampshire ranked first.

Some other highlights include…

  • Starburst game is a favorite in 6 states, the most famous of which is Fruit Plaza
  • The winner is between chocolate and non-chocolate, which is…staggering.
  • 25 states prefer chocolate candies, while 25 states prefer fudge, fruit-flavored candies, and other non-chocolate candies.
  • If you want to know who likes those little candies wrapped in orange and black, pretending to be “Peanut Butter Kiss,” the answer is Connecticut. Really, a Connecticut native? Would you like to use those unpleasant-tasting bricks instead of Reese peanut butter cups or crunchy bars?
  • New Hampshire does t love Circus Peanuts better than my grandma.
  • 4 states’ favorite candies on sticks
  • Iowa is probably the home of people who love candy the most-apart from Starbursts, they like Jolly Ranchers, MM, and Twix the most.
  • Not surprisingly, searches for candy soared in October.
  • • Missouri is for nerds, Alaska is for smart people. Still candy anyway

You may wish to pay close attention to people in Maine at this time of year.

This is how they drew the map:

“Using Google Trends, we identified the most enthusiastic state for each type of candy. We checked 50 different popular candies and provided us with any the grocery store shelves are shameful for a range of candies.

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