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Pete Way, the most famous UFO bass player, Wested, Fastway, Pete Way Band, and others died. He is only 69 years old. Pete suffered fatal injuries in an accident two months ago but after hard work. His wife Jenny is by his side. The way has dealt with many health issues in recent years.

He diagnosed liver disease:

In 2016, he suffered a heart attack. Two years later, he was completely cleared from the battle with prostate cancer and was diagnosed with heart disease in 2013. During the routine liver examination, he was diagnosed with liver disease. Years of hepatitis. An abdominal scan revealed a tumor on his prostate. The death of UFO bassist Pete Way has aroused respect from friends and colleagues on social media, including Ozzy Osbourne and Metallica’s Kirk Hammett. You can read them below.

Hammett said on Instagram: “The Pete Way has a great influence on me.” “He is uncompromising in music and performs well. He has a unique feeling and wrote some of my favorite songs of all time. I told him Pay tribute to all my friends and family members.”

UFO as a guitarist:

As a UFO guitarist, Way’s internationally renowned Michael Schenker wrote: “Oh, dear Pete. I am sad. Your good life has left us. I am crying. You know more than you may know. You are loved by everyone I know. I love you, Pete. God bless you forever. I extend my condolences to those you love.

Way died yesterday (August 14) after being injured in an accident two months ago. His wife Jenny was beside him. He is 69 years old this year.

He founded UFO in 1968 and started their recording career a few years later. But it wasn’t until they took over Schenker who left the Scorpion band that their careers started, reaching the top in the late 70s with “Lights Out”. The way has stayed before 1982, but from 1988-89 it went back to the 1991-2008 period. After leaving the group for the first time, he founded Waysted and returned to the organization in the 1990s.

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