Phyllis George Brown, Former Miss America And Sportscaster Dies At 70 Age

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Phyllis George Brown: Miss America and an earlier female sportscaster, Phyllis George, dies on Thursday at the age of 70.

Phyllis George Brown
American Businesswoman Phyllis George Brown

Her family spokeswoman said that Phyllis George died after a long fight with the blood disorder on Thursday at the Lexington, Kentucky, Hospital.

A short introduction about Phyllis George

Phyllis George‘s full name is “Phyllis Ann George,” and she was born in Denton (Texas, United States). George was an American Actress, Businesswoman, and sportscaster.

Also, she was Miss America 1971, Miss Texas 1970, and the First Lady of Kentucky between 1979 and 1983.

Born: June 25, 1949

Current Age: 70

Died: May 14, 2020

Death location: UK Albert B. Chandler Hospital Pavilion H

Height: 1.72 m

Spouse: Robert Evans (m. 1977–1978), John Y. Brown Jr. (m. 1979–1998)

Children: Lincoln Brown, Pamela Brown

Governor: John Y. Brown Jr.

Nationality: United States of America

Phyllis George Brown
Phyllis George

People paid tribute to Phyllis George with these words. confirms: George’s children and Pamela Ashley Brown (CNN White House correspondent) released their joint statement on Phyllis George’s death:

For numerous, Mom was referred to by her staggering achievements as the spearheading female sportscaster, 50th Miss America, and the first woman in Kentucky. And this was all before our birth and never how we saw Mom. 

To us, she was the most mind-boggling mother we would ever request, and the entirety of the characterizing characteristics the society never observed, particularly against the breezes of affliction, represent how remarkable she was is more than all else.

The beauty that so many observed outwardly was an unimportant portion of her inward excellence. Just to be undone by a resolute soul that permitted her to drive forward against all the chances.

Phyllis George Brown
Miss America Phyllis George

Musburger tweeted that Phyllis George was exceptional. Her grin lit up a large number of homes for the NFL Today. Phyllis George did not get about enough credit for opening the sports broadcasting entryway for the many talented ladies who took her lead and took off.

Hannah Storm (ESPN sportscaster) remembered George with these words:

Many times when you’re longing for something as a lifelong choice, you need to see it, so as to trust it. Also, somebody must be first, and that was Phyllis.

Once Phyllis wrote about success. She said that saying yes to yourself opens up many chances to take you to the next level in your life. 

Having a teacher in your life who says yes to you is additionally key. Value your teacher when you’re beginning. And later, consistently offer credit to those people who were there with you at the start.

How much is Phyllis George Worth?

Phyllis George was an American actress, sportscaster, businesswoman, and beauty pageant winner. Her net worth was is approx. 10 million dollars.

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