Pizza Hut and KFC Collaborated

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Pizza Hut and KFC just collaborated and launched their fantastic dream, “Popcorn Chicken Pizza.” This Popcorn Chicken Pizza has topped a slice with the gravy, sweetcorn, and cheese. KFC’s and Pizza Hut’s Fan madness is on top after hearing about this great collaboration. 

This pizza is only available for two weeks, from 3rd February to 16th February. Because they teamed up to celebrate the “National Pizza Day,” which is on 9th February, Pizza Hut and KFC, both of the brands, said that if it became hit, we would add it to our menus. Pizza Hut promised to serve them up. This mouth-watering pizza has been made to utilizing KFC’s Gravy on a Classic Crust base, with mozzarella cheddar beat with Popcorn Chicken and sprinkled with sweetcorn. 

Fans Incredible Reaction on this Teaming:

The reaction of fans for this pizza is incredible; @GeorgeFrancisPW (George Francis) tweeted, “This Chicken Popcorn Pizza of KFC and Pizza Hut looks like absolute madness.”

Pizza Hut and KFC

@VirtuallyMarti (Marti Bennett) tweeted that usually, I’m not too fond of the chicken on pizza. But this is incredible, and I must have one.

Pizza Hut and KFC

@leftsideonly (harry Charles) also tweeted positive feedback and uploaded its picture.   

Pizza Hut and KFC

The price of this Chicken Popcorn Pizza depends upon the branch of the restaurant. Because most of the restaurants are franchised. So that they can also add some extra charges, depends on them. And this pizza is only available in large size, which consists of the ten slices. KFC UK & Ireland officially tweeted that they collaborated with Pizza Hut, and the official price of this pizza is £20.49. And also, this pizza is available in any large pizza deals such as the “Monday Madness” offers you to pick up any large pizza for only 9.99 pounds. KFC and Pizza Hut not yet released how many calories are in pizza. A standard large pizza contains almost 1,870 calories, while a standard regular pizza contains nearly 285 calories. That’s mean it may contain more than 2,000 calories. 

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