PM Imran Khan thanks everyone for concerning about his health:

PM Imran khan tested corona positive 2 days ago. After the news burst out, many people wished him a speedy recovery all over the world. People wished him to get well soon and everyone is praying for his health. Social media specially twitter have a lot of tweets regarding Imran khan’s health prayers. In such a big response Imran khan has finally responded with a thank you note for all the people who wished him and pray for his recovery.

Due to positive Covid test of Imran khan Pakistanis are bashing the corona vaccines that he took vaccine then how come he is affected.

He said Imran khan is not in a severe state. He just have mild cough although he tested positive for covid19 but his health is far more better he just had mild conditions. So now on he can deal virtually to all the stuff out there.

Imran khan receiving first shot of Covid-19 Vaccine
Imran khan receiving first shot of Covid-19 Vaccine

Soon when the news arrives about his corona test getting positive, Twitter began flooding with a number of messages from  many people such as politicians, celebrities and voters wishing him a speedy recovery. At intervals one or two of minutes, #ImranKhan became the highest trend on the social media web site.

People were also questioning the vaccine as Imran khan got vaccinated two days before the news thyen why he got positive test report of covid. Everyone was in a great shock, many of them were politicians who answered people that vaccine will work as a antibodies after 2 weeks so getting positive has no concern with the vaccines and the one should go and get themselves vaccinated.

Imran khan mentioned in his thank you note that he is very humble to see such a great response all over Pakistan and internationally people who are sending him good wishes. And also he ask everyone to remember him and his wife in all the prayers for their speedy recovery.

imran khan and his wife first picture after covid positive
imran khan and his wife first picture after covid positive

“I want to thank everyone with Pakistan and abroad who send me good wishes and prayers. Thank you for sending love and good wishes to the first Lady and I.”

We hope both Imran khan and his wife get rid of their illness and may they get well soon. Sending all the love and prayers to them!

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