Pokemon is soon going to be released on Nintendo Switch.

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Pokemon Snap

The Pokemon Snap is going to make a comeback and the classic N64 game where players take the pictures of the pocket monsters as they are going to their who make the Nintendo Switch,

T’he details of the version have not been released yet, but for the record, the new pokemon snap is being developed by the legendary Bandai Namco

You can travel to unknown islands with beautiful scenery in the back and lush jungles with sandy beaches. As you travel and with every picture you take, you are doing to build your Pokemon Photodex.

The brand new game brings the memory of the gameplay of the 1999 Pokemon snap which was made for Nintendo 64 system and the game is being brought back to life by the Nintendo Switch system with many new places to explore and places to catch new pokemon,

The photograph of the lively wild pokemon would make you in love with the beautiful pokemon in their natural habitat as you research and explore every new island you encounter.

The journey through this variety of environments such as beaches, jungles to capture every new pokemon you see in your way, The photos of the pokemon can be used to fill out your Pokemon Photodex.

Pokemon Go:

The announcement about the New games was made by the Pokemon on Twitter. The game doesn’t have a release date yet, but gamers from all around the world are pretty excited about the game. This game is hoping to break all the records like the game that was previously released, such as Pokemon GO.

The game received millions of downloads from all around the world, making it the highest downloaded game. In the game, users get real-time updates of the pokemon that are near them. Users can use the custom maps to go to where the pokemon is pinned and catch them.

The game was very addictive, and gamers, including all the age groups, played the game. The game was a viral hit. Pokemon lovers are still hoping to see such games in the future.

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