Pokemon just released ”Pokemon Unite”.

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Pokemon Snap
Pokemon Snap

The Pokemon Company on Wednesday announced ”Pokemon Unite”. The game is released for both Nintendo Switch and mobile while the ”Pokemon Cafe Mix” arrives on the Nintendo Switch and mobile Wednesday.

For fans of Pokemon,” Pokemon Unite” would lead towards more multiplayer experiences. Traditionally the game would be on console and mobile. The Pokemon game allows you to trade with other players, but your ability is limited to interact with them. Nintendo’s multiplayer experiences require you to have an additional subscription, and sometimes connecting can be very slow and bumpy.

Unlike the other turn-based games of Pokemon battles, Pokemon’s untie features live fighting. It’s made by Tencent’s Timi Studios, which has developed the legendary ”Call of Duty: Mobile.”

Tencent (Tcehy) owns ” League of Legends,”‘ which is developed riot games, which was recently started begun to release mobile games. The gameplay was shown on Wednesday. Pokemon Unite shares many similarities with Tencent’s other multiplayer online battle arena games.

The Pokemon scenery, the health points, and how it is depicted are very familiar to the mobile fans.

Pokemon Unite offers five-versus-fice team fight that is free to play and gives Nintendo Switch gamers a chance to play alongside the mobile users. The game has no release date as yet.

In this game, Players get to solve puzzles and to ”cook” and serve Pokemon cafe and drink and dishes.
Nintendo (NTDOF) is also running promotion within the game: If players log for five consecutive days, they can unlock a Pikachu as a staff member in the cafe.

Pokemon Snap:

Just a week ago, Nintendo announced that two Pokemon games, “Pokemon Snap,” the simple yet addicting game where you can take pictures of the adorable pocket monsters, is coming to Nintendo Switch with no release date.

The second, a mobile app called ”Pokemon smile,” was released within the last week and is about brushing teeth to defeat cavity-causing bacteria, as shown in the game, Like it’s successful predecessor. ”Pokemon Go,” it makes the use of the augmented reality.

Pokemon fans highly anticipated the game.

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