Power Outage: Power Companies Warn Residents, Massachusetts Storm Could Last Several Days

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Power Outage: Overwhelming storms and abnormally solid and rough breezes on Monday evening could cause long-term power outages. 

Power Outage
A city facing power outage
Credit: geo.tv

Approx 1,300 National Grid clients in Rhode Island were without power, while almost 17,000 were out across Massachusetts. 

It is expected that on Monday, between 2:00 p.m – 6:00 p.m, Southern New England will face the strongest winds gusts of up to 60-75 mph. This wind could include strong isolated thunderstorms.

The residents are suggested to plan for power blackouts by ensuring all hardware are charged, and flashlights are prepared to tackle this problem.

Authorities said that a fridge would save food cold for around four hours, and a full freezer will keep the temperature for approximately forty-eight hours if the entryway stays shut. 

During the power outage, the United States’ Food and Drug Administration proposes occupants to keep the fridge and cooler entryways shut to keep up the cold temperature for a longer time. 

Because many areas that are facing the wind storm are out of power for more than 72 hours. And there is not any confirmation about the electric-power availability for those areas. 

Power Outage
A city after the heavy windstorm
Credit: Fredricksburg.com

National Grid’s spokesman gave a statement

wpri.com confirms: Ted Kresse (National Grid spokesman) said that we had gotten extra power resources from different states. More than 200 outer line groups have been made sure about to help National Grid’s 200 inward line teams in the area. 

And another 200 squads service groups will likewise be prepared to aid the rebuilding endeavors once conditions are sheltered to do as such.

The people who are facing this windstorm called it deadly. And according to many news reports, this windstorm consists of more than 30 tornadoes in the South.

People can contact on this number, 1-800-465-1212 (National Grid) to fulfill their power outage problems. While the customers of the Pascoag Utility District, call on this number (401) 568-6222.

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