Powerful 7.7 earthquake strikes in Caribbean

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A powerful 7.7-magnitude earthquake has hit in the Caribbean on Tuesday (28 January).

A 0.4 feet Tsunami was recorded in the Cayman Islands at George Town. However, no wave was seen at Port Royal, Jamaica, or Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic. There were many aftershocks, including one the US Geological Survey said had a 6.1 magnitude.

Powerful 7.7

The earthquake hit between Jamaica, the Cayman Islands, and Cuba at a depth of 6.2 miles (10 km), (USGS) the US Geological Survey said on Tuesday.

In the Caribbean, the building shook, and people felt the earthquake, but there was no report of casualties. In Miami and parts of Jamaica, some offices were evacuated. Some offices were emptied in Miami and parts of Jamaica.

According to USGS, initially, a 7.3 magnitude struck at 2:10 p.m. ET. The center of this quake was 86 miles southwest of Jamaica and 87 miles west-southwest of Cuba, at a depth of 10 km.  

PTWC Report

The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center initially said that there were chances that tsunami might hit the coats located with 186 miles of quake’s epicenter. This included parts of Belize, Mexico, Cuba, Honduras, the Cayman Islands, and Jamaica, it said. But around 20:45 GMT, the PTWC said that tsunami threat had then had passed. 

It said light shaking reported on the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico while moderate shaking felt on Grand Cayman Island. Honduras, Haiti, and the Bahamas are also affecting countries. A few states in Mexico felt the tremor, seismological service reported. In south Florida and Miami, people also felt the quake.

Miguel Charon lives in Brickell Avenue. He told CNN that he felt the walls of the building shake for 30 to 40 seconds. In the beginning, he thought that it would due to some sort of machine. But later, building officials issued an evacuation order. People left the building in a calm manner. 

Jose Borrego also works in the Brickell area. He was in a meeting when he felt the movement of the building, he said. Then he left the building.

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