President Donald Trump, Biden trade corruption allegations

Joe BIden and Donald Trump challenged each other
Joe Biden and President Donald Trump

When candidates challenged each other in foreign financial relations, the final presidential debate was controversial. President Donald Trump and Democratic candidate Joe Biden exchanged the worst blow to corruption in the final debate in Nashville on Thursday and claimed to have ties to foreign countries because both candidates tried to finance.

The Admiral linked Russia to suspicious transactions in countries such as China and Ukraine.

US-Ukraine policy:

Joe Biden and his family is dishonest according to Trump
Trump claimed that Biden is corrupt

Trump accused Biden and his family of profiting from foreign countries, citing baseless and dishonest accusations that the former vice president again denied. The president criticized Biden’s son Hunter for working for a natural gas company in Ukraine, while his father was the vice president and was responsible for the US Ukraine policy.

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Resignation is better than socializing:

President Donald Trump and his Republican allies have raised potential conflicts of interest, but there is no evidence that Biden has committed any wrongdoing.

President Donald Trump said in an attack: “Joe received 3.5 million dollars from the Russian leader Vladimir Putin because he was friendly to the mayor of Moscow. I didn’t get any money from Russia.” Resignation is better than socializing.

Joe Biden and Donald Trump attacked financially
President Donald Trump said in an attack: Resignation is better than socializing

Biden got in touch with President Donald Trump’s family ethics issue in the first debate, but then retreated to the second line, and he did not participate in the issue in Thursday’s game.

President Donald Trump also cited an investigation conducted by Republicans in the Senate that found Hunter Biden’s work in Burisma “problematic”, but admitted that he could not explain how much his work had affected U.S. policy toward Ukraine.

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Biden denied claims:

Biden denied these claims, saying that he “did not get too much from any foreign source in my life.”

The former vice president then turned to the New York Times’ recent investigation into President Donald Trump’s undisclosed bank accounts in China.

Joe Biden and Trump final Presidential debate become controversial
Joe Biden in final presedential debate

President Trump reiterated his claim:

President Donald Trump has always refused to comply with the traditional presidential practice of voluntary disclosure of tax returns, but President Donald Trump reiterated his claim that he could not release tax returns during the audit, which has been debunked by the IRS.

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