Presidents Day 2020: what will open and close in the United States

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Presidents Day 2020 will celebrate on Monday, 17 February, and a variety of services will close across the United States on the day.

The holiday initially organized in 1885 to honor President George Washington, the first president of the United States. Many services such as banks, public schools, post office will close on the day.

Presidents Day 2020

Courts: Courts will close on Presidents Day 2020.

Trash Pickup: The majority of Garbage disposal companies will close in the US. But the service may vary, so you should check with your local provider.

Banks: Banks will close on 17 February, Presidents Day. But TD Bank and ATM will open on President day.

Stock Markets: The New York Stock Exchange, bond, and Nasdaq markets will close on 17 February.

DMV:  The DMV offices will close on president day across the country. Check your local website of DMV for further information.

Schools: Since Presidents Day 2020 is a federal holiday, the majority of schools will close on 17 February 2020. But last year, some public and private schools do not celebrate the holiday. In some schools, it may be the first day of a mid-winter vacation for many schools.

US Postal Service: The postal service will close on Presidents Day.

Holiday’s Name and Bill

The change in the holiday’s name from Washington’s Birthday to Presidents Day started in the late 1960s as a part of the Uniform Monday Holiday Act. The bill expressed that the nation celebrates holidays on Monday instead of when birthday events fell on the schedule so laborers could enjoy a long weekend. 

During the discussion of that bill, it was suggested that Washington’s Birthday be renamed Presidents Day to celebrate the birthday events of both Washington on 22 February and President Abraham Lincoln’s birthday on 12 February. 

Congress dismissed the name change in the 1968 variant of the bill. However, after the bill went live in 1971, Presidents Day became the holiday name.

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