Prince Charles leaves the UK on the same day when Harry arrived! Without meeting him he left for Scotland!

Prince Charles has been deciding to travel to Scotland as Harry reaches the United Kingdom. Prince Charles can reportedly be departure the United Kingdom for a politician trip while not meeting his own son Prince Harry. The Prince of Wales is going to visit Scotland for further Business trips and it seems like he won’t be meeting his alienated son in the UK.

Harry was flying to kingdom to unveil Lady Diana’s memorial with William in the month of July. According to the news, media claimed Charles move to further business trips even as his son reaches, adding that there’s no planned meeting between Harry and his Father Charles.

A supply told the outlet that Charles leaves the boys to the purpose they travelled to UK and without disturbing them he went to his further trips. “Harry will need to quarantine for at least five days when he lands in England, most likely at Frogmore Cottage in Windsor. Charles has made it quite clear he will not be around beyond that because he is going to Scotland. There is no planned meeting between the three of them.”

A separate supply told that Harry and William will place up an alliance at the ceremony, however deliver separate speeches. Reports claimed that they will walk out along in out of respect for their mother lady Diana.

Few days back, Prince Charles’ involvement in curbing Harry’s active military service sparked tensions between them, in keeping with royal commentators. In the year 2007, the Duke was deployed in Afghanistan however had to come back to the united kingdom after solely ten weeks once his cowl was blown by foreign media. ‘Channel five’ documentary, Charles & Harry: Father and Son Divided, explored however this affected the bond between father and son.

The speaker told viewers that furious Harry gave the impression to hold the press to blame for his mother’s death and for the curb on his service career. Then he discovered that his father was concerned in it too.

Royal author Tom Quinn said that it is unfortunate for Charles that he was involved in the call to recall his son. It was another example of Charles as a father doing one thing that Harry as a Son did not like. Harry should sort out things with his fathers as it is a long time since the two incidents happened.

Journalist Bidisha also said that he must have been wondering that his father and therefore the British world’s media are really working together. The next one in an exceedingly long line of emotional betrayals that have return from those who were extremely the nearest to him and may be that is the reason he still haven’t forgiven his father.

Harry served in the army and wanted to continue his career as it was his passion but due to expanded news all over the media Prince Charles and Prince William took him back to the royal house. Later on, he realizes that it was all planned and done by his father but according to royal reporters he did that just to safeguard his son.

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