Princess Latifa: ‘Hostage’ ordeal of Dubai ruler’s daughter revealed
Princess Latifa: ‘Hostage’ ordeal of Dubai ruler’s daughter revealed

She later sent secret video messages to friends accusing her father of holding her “hostage” as she feared for her life, the Dubai ruler’s daughter who tried to flee the country in 2018.

Princess Latifa Al Maktoum says in footage shared that commandos drugged her as she fled by boat and flew her back to detention.

The secret messages have stopped – and friends are urging the United Nations to step in.

In the care of her family, Dubai and the UAE have previously said she is secure.

Ex-UN rights envoy Mary Robinson, who after meeting her in 2018 had described Latifa as a “troubled young woman,” now says she was “horribly tricked” by the family of the princess.
The former United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights and President of Ireland have joined calls for international action to determine the current situation and whereabouts of Latifa.

“I continue to be very worried about Latifa. Things have moved on. And so I think they should investigate it,” she said.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Latifa’s father, is one of the world’s wealthiest heads of state, the ruler of Dubai, and vice-president of the United Arab Emirates (UAE).
The videos were recordedsover several months on a phone that was secretly delivered to Latifa about a year after being captured and returned to Dubai.

Sheik Mohammed bin Rasheid al-Maktoum, Latifa’s father, is one of the world’s richest heads of state, Dubai governor, and United Arab Emirates vice-president (UAE).

The videos were captured over a span of several months on the Latifa phone around one year after their capture and their return to Dubai. She documented them in a bathroom because she was able to lock the only door.

Dubai ruler Sheikh

She had them recorded in the bathroom because she had the only door she could lock.

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