Promises makes you perfect, Promise to yourself first

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Is the promise to yourself worth it?

The slogan “Lifetime Enrichment” is often repeated. You will see this in books, movies, songs, poems, and even speeches. In life, it will often guide you to live wisely, live freely and live happily.

You can do this by fulfilling and honoring the following commitments to yourself:

1. Remember, you have a purpose in this world. You deserve to exist, believe, and live.

2. Many people in this world are happy to disappoint you and destroy your sense of self-worth: doesn’t be one of them. Be your biggest fan, not your first critic. Encourage yourself to speak.

3. The idea of ​​controlling everyone and everything in life is completely wrong. Unless you accept this fact, you will never be able to live a happy life.

4. Most of the time, you will be invited to participate in many battles. Really, you are not. Choose wisely, because you don’t need to participate in all invited battles.

5. It is useless to relive past pain, frustration, and anxiety. If you keep doing this, you will only feel worthless. Instead of looking around and emphasizing your own mistakes, you should promise to look at your past objectively and find out what you can do better.

6. Believe in inner happiness: No one can disappoint you without your consent. Choose to be active rather than passive, and grow from the challenge. You can never just flower with water, right? You also need the glare of the sun.

7. You are the best person who can determine the most value. Number them and try to do our best. Don’t let the temptation of money, fame, wealth, or success turn you into someone who is not you.

8. Savor carefully and let the taste melt in your mouth. Designed to listen and truly understand what your best friend is saying. Bring your presence to the one you love.

9. Life is too short to hold on to the people and things that will destroy your thoughts and make you dejected. Don’t settle down. You know you are better than that.

10. Don’t be afraid to pursue your passion, equip yourself with knowledge, and continue to do what you like. Your enthusiasm gives you the greatest purpose for continuing to live! Nurture it, develop it, and constantly look for ways to help it grow.

11. Taking yourself too seriously may exhaust you and make you endless. You shouldn’t end up feeling tired, stressed, and angry, right? no way. Seek balance by combining discipline and fun. In the long run, working for happiness is much better than working for preconceived success.

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