PS5 Pre order Started, you can also order if you want

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Update on 19/2/2021

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PS5 Pre order Started

Sony ended its launch event today with the long-awaited PS5 price and release date, but it did not tell gamers when and where to buy the PS5 until a tweet seemed to make things clearer: the pre-order will be on September 17 Day begins.

Perhaps a retailer eager to take advantage of demand, the retailer quickly turned the booking situation into a free service, opened the floodgates a day in advance, and allowed the fastest and most perceptive buyers to flock. Some people call or walk into their local GameStop to make sure they can book one day in advance, or they don’t seem to like one of Wal-Mart’s products listed in the PS5 and PS5 digital editions.

GameStop issued a press release online

Soon, GameStop issued a press release online to promote the availability of PS5, although there was no product page for you to purchase at the time. Now, you can also find product pages on Target and Best Buy (PS5, PS5 Digital).

Target stated that there are no pre-orders at all, and we have heard that Wal-Mart has canceled some successful pre-orders. It reminds us of more than one way the SNES Classic launched a fiasco.

It seems that you not only need to click, but also need to refresh the page a few times to find a page in the shopping cart, and you will soon enter the payment information because the pre-order will still be lost during checkout. In addition, the “Best Buy” shopping cart doesn’t even seem to allow us to start the checkout-several Verge editors gave up after an hour, and one of us came back and found that it had been removed from the shopping cart.

If you want to order on GameStop, you may also need to purchase the game console in person. The minimum down payment for PS5 is $50 at the retailer. But GameStop pointed out that there are other ways to pay for the system, including a flexible “rent your own” payment system that allows gamers to pay off the product within 30 days to a year.

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Sony Chief Executive Jim Ryan claimed that more PS5 devices would be offered than when the PS4 was originally launched in 2013.  Moreover, denied that a recent Bloomberg report stated that Sony had been forced to cut PS5 production of 4 million units. It is not yet clear how many PS5s there are actually, but there may be more shipments before the release.

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