Purple Hearts on Netflix: Plot, Cast, and Everything Else We Know

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Purple hearts

Maverick is not the only film about the military scheduled for release this summer. Purple Hearts, a new Netflix film for young adults, has various military personnel as characters. It stars Sofia Carson and Nicholas Galitzine as two young people who cross paths, get married and cope with all the difficulties it entails, particularly because Galitzine’s character Luke is due to be deployed.

Deadline confirmed Netflix’s 2021 acquisition of the picture. The film was adapted by Kyle Jarrow and Liz Garcia from Tess Wakefield’s book of the same name. Garcia has written for Memphis Beat and Cold Case, while Jarrow has for Valor and Star Trek: Discovery. Elizabeth Allen Rosenbaum is noted for her past work in Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists, Dead to Me, and Spinning Out directs Purple Hearts.

Soon, Purple Hearts will be available on the streaming giant. Here is what you need to know before it occurs.

The Purple Hearts Plot

Purple hearts

Netflix’s summary provides some insight into what viewers might anticipate. Cassie and Luke marry solely for the perks offered by the United States military. However, it is not specified why they require these benefits.

A lengthy synopsis in Production Weekly, as offered by What’s on Netflix in 2021, provides additional information on the needs of both people in the marriage. Cassie was just diagnosed with diabetes, which has skyrocketed her daily expenses. As a bartender attempting to make it in the music industry, she cannot afford the medical debt her recent diagnosis has saddled her with.

She proposed to her buddy Frankie, who is in the Army, so she would have health insurance to cover the expenditures associated with her diabetes. They can divide the military pay raise he will earn as a married man. When he declines, his friend Luke offers to take his place. It is unclear how he will benefit from their marriage, although he reportedly has “desperate reasons” to be married himself. As in many films of this genre, the couple’s first attempt to sell a sham marriage eventually transforms into a real one.

The film may touch on several relevant and vital subjects depending on Luke’s motivations. Diabetes medication and accompanying materials are growing more expensive, prompting individuals to ration their insulin, which puts them at risk for several diseases linked with diabetes. As a bartender, Cassie likely does not have health insurance, or her coverage is insufficient to cover her current medical expenses.

Purple hearts

Luke may gain from the marriage for various reasons, ranging from “silly” things like his parents being on his back about having someone in his life to needing the enhanced military living allowance to help pay for anything. In the synopsis of Production Weekly, the character is defined as “frustratingly intense,” which may explain why the situation would benefit him. If something in his life is causing him to be this way, perhaps his marriage will help.

Launch Date

On July 29, 2022, Purple Hearts started streaming on Netflix.

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