Queen Elizabeth is Still Alive?

David Smith

Queen Elizabeth is Still Alive: Royal Experts Shut Down Queen Death Rumors

Did Queen Elizabeth dead? Well, the whole world wants to know this answer because ever since the world as a whole has waked up from their morning sleep, the only thing that has buzzed around on social media is the death rumor news of Queen Elizabeth. But hold on with your breath because she is still alive!

Behind the Rumor Story of Queen Elizabeth Death

Queen Elizabeth is now 94 years old, and now the rumors are being roamed around about the death of this queen, which has crumbled the whole world for sure.

The news was finally changed into the rumor when one of the royal experts came up with the shutdown news statement from the side of the Royal family.  It was mentioned in a report that all the news statements related to the queen’s death are entirely baseless and have no truth behind it. 

It was even said that Queen Elizabeth is wholly healthy and perfect with her health. Very soon she will be part of a welcoming ceremony of Donald Trump in the coming months.

How Did Rumor All Start?

The rumors seemed to have stemmed from WhatsApp with a leaked crew chat speculating that Queen Elizabeth II handed away of a heart attack. Earlier in January, similar hearsay had erupted; however, the gossip was once dispelled after she was once spotted attending church.

A royal expert has rubbished an allegation that Queen Elizabeth II has died, pronouncing that the British monarch is nevertheless alive. Charlie Proctor, the editor-in-chief of the news internet site Royal Central, described claims circulating on social media about the Queen’s death as “vicious rumors”. The information started to flow after a screenshot from a Whatsapp messaging group went viral ultimate late night.

Queen Elizabeth is Still Alive?
Queen Elizabeth is Still Alive?

In it, a person nicknamed ‘Gibbo’ forwarded a message – purportedly from a royal guards’ crew – which claimed that the 93-year-old died from a heart attack on Sunday morning and that her death would be announced at 9.30 am today. But in a post on Royal Central, Proctor brushed aside the rumor as a hoax and said the Queen is “alive and well.”

“Vicious rumors claiming that The Queen died on Sunday morning are being shared on social media,” he said. “In this cutting-edge ‘fake news’ pandemic, a nameless account claimed that the 93-year-old monarch died on Sunday morning, with a media blackout being in the area till Monday morning.

“Her Majesty is playing an accurate night time of sleep in anticipation of her next big engagement on Tuesday where she will host President Trump and different world leaders at Buckingham Palace for a NATO reception.” The hoax noticed tens of thousands of humorous tweets sent overnight, with ‘The Queen’ and ‘Gibbo’ both trending on Twitter for a time.

According to a 2017 piece in The Guardian, which describes what will occur in the tournament of the Queen’s death, plans have been in the region for such a match since the 1960s. An organizing committee is said to meet up to three times a year to sketch for the Queen’s funeral and duration of mourning as phase of a plan regarded as ‘London Bridge.’

Prime Minister Boris Johnson

Prime Minister Boris Johnson would be informed first, earlier than information used to be sent to the different 15 governments where the Queen is the head of state, as correctly as those of the 36 international locations in the Commonwealth. However, the public would probably locate out thru a newsflash to the Press Association and the world’s different media firms – and no longer through a social media rumor.

Well, for all those people who admired the Queen a lot for them, listening around the news of her death was so much heartbroken for a second. It was even said that as soon as the story was spread over the internet a vast crowd was gathered outside the Royal house which made them think that something weird has happened on the internet against their family. Later on, through investigation, it was concluded that it was the rumor death news of Queen Elizabeth.

We really believe that this is such a pathetic and disturbing act done by a stranger! What is your opinion about it?

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