Racism in schools: Parents say Atlanta Elementry School separates students due to their races

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US Department of Education launches investigation A parent in Atlanta has documented a grievance with the Atlanta Elementry School District and the U.S. Division of Education, guaranteeing that her kid’s school is going through class isolation dependent on race.

Racism in Atlanta Elementry School:

According to WSBTV, former Atlanta Elementry School employee Kila Posey said that the principal of Marilyn Elementary School divided classes based on race last year.

According to CNN, Posey has two children attending this school. She said that these tasks were formulated and approved by the principal Shalin Briscoe.

Posey said that about 13 black sophomores were divided into two classes with two different teachers. According to WSBTV, white students are arranged in six classes with six different teachers. When Posey found out, she said that she contacted Briscoe and asked her child to be assigned to another class, and the teacher in one class would be very suitable for her child. But Posey said that Briscoe refused.

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Black, White, Asian:

According to NBC News, Posey said that Briscoe told her that black students were building a community together. According to the Georgia Department of Education, the school enrolled 599 students in the 2020-2021 school year. Sixty students are black. There are 98 students in the second grade, of which 12 are black students, 70 are white students and others are classified as Asian or two or more ethnic students. Posey has filed a discrimination complaint with the Office of Civil Rights of the U.S. Department of Education. The Ministry of Education complaint filed by Shields to CNN stated that some of the school’s courses were “partly based on the ethnicity of the students”.

When asked about the structure of Mary Lin Elementary School, the school district said in a statement to WSBTV: “Atlanta Elementry Schools will not tolerate the assignment of students to classrooms based on race.

The school district has reviewed these allegations. Appropriate action has been taken. To solve this problem, the matter is over.” Posey also said that someone tried to retaliate against her family after she told her how to deal with classwork. According to CNN, Posey said in a complaint to the Department of Education that the principal asked Posey’s husband to transfer to another school. Posey conducts extracurricular activities through her company, The Club After School, and she said the principal is trying to terminate the service that has been held at Marilyn Elementary School since 2018. In Posey’s conversation with Yolanda Brown, she discovered that according to CNN, according to the complaint, the chief academic officer of Atlanta Elementry School.

The investigation by the U.S. Department of Education has not yet ended, still proceeding.

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