Raheem Sterling leads a powerful anti-racist campaign on Social Media.

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Raheem Sterling
Raheem Sterling

The video released says,” Change needs to happen. And it happened now.” Kevin De Bruyne, Jordan Henderson, and Lucy Broze are the key players who are starring among the Sterling in his video.

Raheem Sterling has just launched a Social Media campaign to support the cause ” Black Lives Matter” movement.

Many players, including Kevin De Bruyne, Vincent Kompany, and Lucy Bronze has joined with the player Raheem Sterling to support the noble cause.

Sterling has called upon the government to take action against anyone who is racist and is spreading hate.

He asked the parliament to take part in this initiative and to do legislation for this cause to protect the black community. An alarming number of black people are involved in sports and are sporting the cause of Sterling.

According to the report, there are no chief executives, owners, Chairs, or any black at 92 Premier League and Football League clubs.

The governing board of sports that receive money from the government has only three percent of board members as black. And around 64 percent of the members are nonblacks.

Sterling has seen the report last week and was shocked after seeing the report highlighting the limited seats and representations of black people in sports and governing bodies.

The Team members of the Sterling De Bruyne, His former captain Kompany, England Omwen International Bronze, Liverpool’s Jordan Henderson, and Bayern Munich’s David Alaba are among the key players who are supporting Sterling and has already been listed in the video.

The video would be launched on multiple media channels.

Marcus Rashford:

The campaign started after one of his England teammate Marcus Rashford persuaded the UK government to take the decision back to scrap the $120 m funding to provide free school meals to school children who needed the most.

The initiative was praised by many around the world.

According to Sterling, the campaign is very close to his heart, and he said he would do anything to keep the campaign alive. He further added this in an interview.

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