Rapper NBA YoungBoy among 16 arrested in Louisiana capital

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YoungBoy, NBA rapper,was one of 16 people arrested on drug and gun charges in the Louisiana capital on Monday.

YoungBoy, NBA rapper, will face multiple charges including Drugs

City police told the news media that the 20-year-old rapper, Kentrell Gaulden. He will face multiple drug charges after a gathering in Baton Rouge on Monday night.

The program showed that he was detained in the parish prison on Tuesday. The bond has not yet been set. It is not clear whether he has a lawyer who can speak on his behalf.

The police said other arrested persons face similar charges

The circumstances and details that led to Gordon’s arrest are not immediately known.

In the Miami shootout on Mother’s Day in 2019, prosecutors have completely revoked his probation, which will put him in jail for 10 years and cause the death of a bystander.

The judge gave Gauden a 10-year suspended sentence in August 2017, and after pleading guilty to aggravating a gun in the 2016 shooting incident, he sentenced him to a three-year suspended sentence.

Gaulden was famous throughout the country in Baton Rouge as a teenager, but his success was full of violence and drama. Last year, after state district court judge Bonnie Jackson announced a temporary suspension of his sentence in a 2016 non-fatal shooting, he served 90 days in jail.

The prosecutor has completely revoked his probation, which will put him in jail for 10 years because he participated in the Miami shootout on Mother’s Day in 2019, which resulted in the death of a bystander.

The lawyer representing Gordon issued the following statement on Tuesday morning.

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Kentrell Gaulden is not guilty of the crime committed by arresting him last night. He does not have any guns, nor any controlled dangerous substances.

When the law enforcement officers arrived at the scene, there was no evidence of any crime, and 15 to 20 young blacks were immediately detained based on the indication that there were guns on the scene. We still have the Second Amendment in the United States.

Even with an illegal search, no guns or controlled dangerous substances were found under Mr. Gordon’s personal or under his direct control.

Mr. Galton is innocent of the allegations he was charged last night and looks forward to defending himself. “

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