R&B performer Kehlani revealed in an Instagram post that she was “gay” and was coming out as an openly lesbian.

Usman Ashraf

The 26-year-old told the media the “everyone knew” about her sexuality, but she was the only one who knew, and it did not cause any surprise to her family.

Kehlani came out as gay on April 22, 2021
Kehlani came out as gay on April 22, 2021

Is Kehlani and Sza are dating?

Kehlani and SZA singer SZA were seen holding hands as they walked towards Rihanna’s Met Gala celebration on the streets of New York City.

SZA has not commented on her sexuality. However, Kehlani has allegedly called her the girl she was with via Instagram stories.

It is not clear whether the two are dating.

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Who has Kehlani been with?

Kehlani has been linked with many famous people over the years.

She first came across basketball player Kyrie Irving back in 2015.

After a turbulent relationship, her next move was with the rapper PartyNextDoor.

Many people on social media have been accusing Kehlani of being in a relationship with Irving even though Irving maintained that they were not together after she started with the singer.

After a couple of months of being together, Party and Kehlani called their quits.

Kehlani spoke to her on the radio program of Nicki Minaj. She was with guitarist Javie Young-White in the year 2018.

In the year following, it was reported that she was in a relationship with the rapper YG and she posted an image on Instagram with the pair of them, with an accompanying caption that read “cats from the bag. “

YG has been reported to have cheated on her, and the couple broke up shortly afterward, but according to Kehlani, they’re a good couple.

Who is Kehlani’s baby daddy?

Kehlani and Young-White had plans to have a baby during a tour break she took.

The singer spoke to Minaj’s radio show on the pregnancy. She revealed: “When I found out that I could take some time off from performing as I’ve always been serving as a touring artist at the time, I made plans to do it this particular time.

“It was planned to ensure that we were given a limited time of actually having daily sex. We were ecstatic that it didn’t feel like something to do.”

Kehlani gave birth to Adeya Nomi in March 2019 at her home.

What did Kehlani have to say about her sexuality?

The singer has come out of her closet via an Instagram live video, stating: “I am gay ga-gay gay gay !!!”

She said that her family was aware before her and stated that the ****** room was made of glass.”

Kehlani was previously identified as bisexual. She also had once told Minaj on the radio show that Young-White was supportive of her decision and said: “He really understands my queerness and my fluidity, and I genuinely understand his.

“It’s very awesome to be understood.”

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