Real truth pulled out in the open: Who is promoting terrorism in Asia?

Helen Dunmore
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After doing everything it could to promote peace in the subcontinent.

Pakistani DG ISPR Babar Iftikhar showed all the evidence against India

The Pakistani government apparently accepted it with an Indian attitude and decided to publicly expose the secrets and public designs of neighboring countries towards Pakistan to the world. India always wants to show that Pakistan is promoting terrorism but the reality is a bit different as it seems to the whole world.

Now, the international community is welcome to carefully consider and weigh all the “indisputable evidence” we have, and decide for it how and why India sponsors and indulges in terrorist acts in Pakistan.

 The seriousness of Pakistan can be measured by the fact that the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Director-General of the International Peace Organization held a press conference.

At the press conference, it is said that the world’s largest democracy is actually based on the order of the supreme leader.

 In fact, it is becoming a rogue country. Its intelligence agencies have been training, funding and arming terrorist organizations, such as Pakistan’s Taliban (TTP), Jamaatul Ahrar (JuA) and Baluchistan Liberation Army (BLA).

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Of course, Pakistan has known all this a long time ago

pakistan is not promoting terrorism in reality indian is terrorist
Pakistan Flag: green color send a message of peace

It surprised him that the rest of the world chose not to pay attention to these facts. Indeed, Pakistan is even trying to become the better of the two.

It can be said that Prime Minister Imran Khan himself promised that if India takes one step against us, it will take two steps against India.

according to pakistan india is a terrorist
Pakistan showed evidance against india and proved that india is promoting terrorism in Asia

However, Pakistan’s pragmatism is mistakenly regarded as a sign of its weakness, and important countries are attracted by India’s lucrative market, so much so that they find it convenient to add some salt to Islamabad’s accusations.

But now that Pakistan has made allegations very firmly, the world will be forced to draw attention.

Pakistan has always been a front-line country in the war on terrorism.

 Faced with 1,9130 terrorist attacks in the country, more than 83,000 innocent people have been killed and losses of no less than 126 billion U.S. dollars have been suffered.

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This is not unreasonable.

We are also the main facilitator of the peace negotiations in Afghanistan where the future of the entire region now depends. After all, it is simply unacceptable to be marked as a bad guy.

With the support of Afghanistan, the narratives of Western governments and India have been arguing for the longest time, and Pakistan is to some extent the main cause of all terrorism in the region.

Now they either have to accept Pakistan’s position or prove it wrong. Either way, now that the cats have come to the fore, they will have to play against Islamabad.

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