Record of prayer messages on Twitter, Trump drives to thank his supporters for prayers

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Trump drives at Walter Reed to thanked their supporters for the prayer messages. His current situation is in danger if we see her age as a factor then we only can pray for him. TrumpTeam got record praying messages from his fans and supporters.

Some critics strictly see this situation and criticize our President that he did this to hide himself from the media and election campaign. they also said that he did this to gain sympathy vote. TeamTrump receive countless message that includes prayers, love, and care. although we can say Trump health situation is getting popularity. any news related to his health is trending.

Trump Doctor said “he did well”

There were conflicting reports on President Trump’s health and the timeline for his first positive test for the coronavirus on Saturday.

Trump’s doctor told reporters on Saturday morning that Trump “did well”, but a source familiar with the president’s health later told a White House pool reporter, “The president’s vitality in the past 24 hours is very Worry”.

The Trump diagnosis timetable proposed by the doctor at a press conference on Saturday was quickly taken away by the White House, raising questions about when the president actually began to develop symptoms and receive treatment for the coronavirus.

White House physician Dr. Sean Conley mentioned “72 hours of diagnosis” in a speech outside the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center where Trump was taken on Friday night. It will be noon on Wednesday, before Trump travels to Minnesota for fundraising and outdoor gatherings.

Trump publicly disclosed his positive coronavirus test results in a tweet at about 1 am on Friday.

Another doctor at the press conference, Dr. Brian Garibaldi, said that the president started experimental antibody therapy “about 48 hours ago,” which will be noon on Thursday, about the time Trump flew to New Jersey to raise funds. He shared his previous results of the test.

More than an hour after the press conference, a senior White House official said that Conley meant that it was the 3rd day since Trump was diagnosed, not 72 hours and that antibody therapy was on Thursday night instead of 48 hours.

Conley clarified in a memo:

“The President was first diagnosed with COVID-19 on the evening of Thursday, October 1, and received Regeneron’s antibody cocktail on Friday, October 2.” Compared with the reports of White House officials in the past 24 hours, the doctor who briefed the press on the president’s health is far worse than before. Conley said that the president’s mild cough and fatigue are improving, he has no breathing difficulties, and he has not had a fever for 24 hours. Soon after the press conference ended, Trump called it on Twitter and felt good.

Get well soon

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