Release Date and Time for Fanatico Season 1 Episode 1 Have Been Confirmed

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Date and Time of the Release of Fanatico Season 1 Episode 1 Have Been Confirmed: If you are looking for the release date and plot summary of the highly anticipated web series Fanatico, you should read this post. 

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This article contains a wealth of information about the series above. Fanatico is one of this year’s most-anticipated online programs. Regardless, many fans were eager about when the first season of Fanatico will premiere. This is to inform you that the first season of Fanatico has aired. 

Yes, the first season of Fanatico has been released. Have you viewed this? According to the source, it has been a few days since the premiere of the first season of Fanatico. What was the date of Fanatico’s release? Scroll down for more information.

Date for the release of Fanatico Season 1 Episode 1


According to the source, the first season of Fanatico premiered on Friday, July 29, 2022. It has been more than a day since Fanatico debuted. According to reports, all episodes have been canceled. The entire season can be viewed on the platform where it is premiering.

 Where can I view Fanatico? This may be a question explicitly designed for you. As it is being released, internet users are providing their opinions. To view Fanatico’s ratings, please scroll down the page.

Release Date for Season 1 Episode 1 of Fanatico

It appears that the first season of Fanatico was unsuccessful in attracting viewers. The series’ current IMDB ranking is detrimental to its profitability. The IMDB rating of 4.6 out of 10 is below average for any online series. Yago De Torres Peno and Dani Del Aguila, along with Federico Mania Sibono, are the creators of Fanatico.


 According to the sources, the film’s plot centers around an unwavering follower who begins mimicking his new idol following the latter’s passing. Who are the cast members of Fanatico? How many episodes are included in the first season of Fanatico? Where is the premiere? Discover the answers to these questions below.

Where Can I Watch Episode 1 of Season 1 of Fanatico?


Lorenzo Ferro will play the main character, while Roger Gual and Fernando Valdivielso will play significant roles in the series. Dollar Urdiales, Eva Almeida, Sergio Santino, Elena Matateyou, and many others are renowned musicians featured on Fanatico. 

According to the length of the series, the first season of Fanatico consisted of ten episodes. The debut of the first season occurs on Netflix. The mega streaming platform made it available on Friday, July 29, 2022. Continue to visit this webpage.

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