Remdseivir the possible drug of COVID 19 / going out of stock

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Remdseivir the possible drug of COVID 19 / going out of stock

In May US FDA issued EUA of remdesivir,

and they stated that this drug will allow in emergency cases and in the critical situation of the corona. This drug is now using for many confirmed positive coronavirus patients.

Remdesivir was previously studied in ebolavirus infection but this drug didn’t give the desire results. But, now lab technician after experimentation said;

In this cohort of patients hospitalized for severe Covid-19 who were treated with compassionate-use remdesivir, clinical improvement was observed in 36 of 53 patients (68{7d6bb1f761e691f027164c9fe6d1ebbc4659a250013ce39dc45a15ede39dbac5}). Measurement of efficacy will require ongoing randomized, placebo-controlled trials of remdesivir therapy. (Funded by Gilead Sciences.)

Remdesivir is the possible drug:

Remdesivir is the possible drug of the coronavirus that goes out of stock for three months because of global supply.

The number of coronavirus cases increases day by day, the United States government secured almost all the stock of remdesivir.

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Remdseivir is a drug showing positive results against corona and treated coronavirus patients are recovering with it, and show positive results on coronavirus patients.

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Rmdesivir, the first drug approved by licensing authorities in the whole United States to treat COVID 19

patients and shows other the clear results of better results from the patients.  Manufacturer of remdesivir has signed a deal with human services for half-million treatment courses of the drug.

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President Donald Trump is in line with has the first approach in it. India has two companies that have an emergency marketing approval from the drug controller of India.

department of health and human services said:

The department of health and human services said in us it has secured half- million courses of treatment for American hospitals.

Us department of health and services announced in July that the entire stock is effective for COVID 19 positive patients, till September anybody can buy it, but this would be sending to all over the united states for the next three months.

Remdesivir becomes high demanded drug for the treatment of COVID 19 positive patients.

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This statement clarifies that no stock will be available for the next few months for the entire world. US bought all the stock of remdesivir for the next three months.

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