Reports of a rape on the Stanford campus

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Stanford campus

PALO ALTO — After a complaint of rape on campus, Stanford University public safety officials are requesting the assistance of the surrounding community.

At approximately 5 p.m. on Tuesday, a victim stated she was in a parking lot outside the Wilbur Hall dorm when an unknown male grabbed her, according to a crime notice issued on the Stanford Department of Public Safety’s website and emailed to students. According to the notice, he pulled her into a washroom and sexually assaulted her.

The victim reported the incident to a required reporter, who then notified the Department of Public Safety. The victim informed authorities that she did not wish to speak with them.

Public Safety is investigating the incident and has enhanced patrols in the area in the interim.


DPS has encouraged anybody with photographs, videos, or eyewitness accounts from the Wilbur region around the time of the attack to come forward. Anyone with information regarding the offense is encouraged to contact the Stanford DPS at 650-723-9633.

Tuesday, about 5 p.m., near Wilber Hall, summer sessions were in session, and she claimed to have seen the man on campus previously. Brooke, a graduate student at Stanford, stated, “It’s unsettling and bizarre that it occurred in broad daylight.”

Summer classes are in session at Stanford, while most students return in late September. Brooke reported that the incident occurred near her residence.

“It occurred within a 500-foot radius of several pupils and my entire cohort,” she explained.

Stanford campus

The police said that the victim is not yet willing to communicate with them. Thus they have little information.

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They lack a precise suspect description as well. “We’re discussing walking each other into the garages and ensuring that we’re all in our cars,” Brooke said, referring to conversations among students about being extra vigilant.

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