Research says marijuana use during pregnancy is linked to infant autism

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pregnancy more likely to have autism

Pregnancy more likely to have autism:

According to the largest study of its kind, women who use marijuana during pregnancy are 1.5 times more likely to have autism. Largest study of its kind, marijuana use throughout pregnancy increases the chance of autistic children.

Illegal in Canada:

The study authors say that although their research is still incomplete, the results are worrying, especially considering that the cannabis collected in Canada during this period (2007 to 2012) was illegal.

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Affect on brain development:

A growing body of research shows that cannabis use during pregnancy can have lasting effects on children. These findings follow the team’s research, which showed that marijuana use during pregnancy increases the risk of other complications such as premature birth. Other research suggests that the use of marijuana during pregnancy may affect a child’s brain development. It seems to be related to low IQ, attention problems and impulsivity.

JAMA Pediatrics:

Still, the use of marijuana during pregnancy appears to be increasing and maybe a way to cope with nausea. According to a letter from JAMA Pediatrics in January 2019. The proportion of cannabis used during pregnancy in the US increased from 2002 to 2016.

The study cannot show cause and effect:

The study did not find out how much marijuana women use, how often, when, or how they use it. It also only showed a link between cannabis use and autism, but could not prove a causal relationship. For example, it may cause some women to use pots during pregnancy, which also increases the risk of having children with autism.

Hope for women health:

The authors of the study said that although more research is needed. This study should provide a reference for discussions between doctors and prospective parents.

Corsi said in a press release: “In the past, we did not have good data on the effects of cannabis on pregnancy.” “This is one of the largest studies on the subject to date. We hope that our findings will help women and their Healthcare providers make wise decisions.”

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