Rihanna shared her memory of a Visit to the Lorraine Motel.

On the official Twitter handle of Rihanna, she shared her beautiful memory alongside the pictures of the visit to Lorraine Motel. It seems like the ‘Love on the Brain’ singer is sharing and celebrating an important day from history with her fans.

Rihanna shared few photographs of herself in that place. She mentioned her feelings of being there as she had a road trip to Memphis last summer. The singer in her tweet also advised her fans and followers to have a visit to the place to enjoy the charm.

Rihanna shared pictures from her visit to the Lorraine Motel
Rihanna shared pictures from her visit to the Lorraine Motel

The 32-year-old shared 3 of the photos from her visit to the Memphis hotel. It was seen that Rihanna was standing in front of the scandalous location. While sharing the photographs, Rihanna captioned them as “Finally found em’…. Got cabin fever last summer and took a road trip to Memphis.”

It is observed that in one of the 3 pictures shared, Rihanna was standing under the sign of Motel. In that picture, she wore sweatpants, a T-shirt, and a mask with her hand on it. The second picture was taken from the backside of Rihanna in which both of her hands are on her waist while holding the mask in her end. She was looking up at the other neon sign of the Motel which was on the side of the building.

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The third picture shows Rihanna pointing at the infamous room, room number 306. This was the room in front of which the king was murdered.

Besides she wrote on her Twitter handle, “Man… I can’t describe the feeling that came over me, you gotta go to experience it for yourself.”

Martin Luther King, Jr. back in the year 1968 was murdered while his visit to the Lorraine Motel. 

It was the evening of April 4th, 1968, when Martin Luther King Jr. was shot. He was standing on the balcony which was outside his second-story room at the hotel in Memphis. Within a minute he was assassinated, 6:01 pm, the king was taken to the St. Joseph’s Hospital.

After about an hour, 7:05 pm, Martin Luther King Jr. died at the St. Joseph’s Hospital.

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