Ring latest security camera is an autonomous indoor drone that costs $249 in 2021

Ring is committed to reinventing the doorbell, thereby expanding the entire business scope.

 Now, the Ring Always Home Cam will be available sometime next year. And it uses a method similar to the humble home anti-theft camera.

You may not guess from its name, but this security camera is actually movable. It is a drone that can fly automatically throughout your house to provide you with what you need View. No matter which room you want to use, without having to install cameras in multiple locations throughout the house.

What is “Ring Always Home Cam”?

Always Home Cam is a small drone, which can be arranged to fly a preset path, and you can lay it out for users.

 The drone is actually unable to fly manually, and only starts recording during flight (the camera lens is actually blocked when docked). The company says these two features will help ensure that privacy is strictly considered To proceed. Always Home Cam is also carefully designed to emit a buzzing sound when in use to remind anyone present that it is walking around and recording.

As you might expect, the “cam for always home” does not have the exposed rotors you see on drones designed for outdoor open spaces.

It has a plastic frame and grille, which is enclosed to ensure safety. It is also very small, only 5″ x 7″ x 7″, which is very useful for the safety of people and household items.

Ring Founder statement

I talked to Ring founder and CEO Jamie Siminoff about why they decided to create such an ambitious, non-traditional home security camera-especially considering that they have a relatively reliable, technically-supported version of home hardware that has been tried and tested. , Such as doorbells and floodlights.

He said that this is actually from user feedback-he still pays close attention to this in person, even though Ring is now part of Amazon’s large corporate organization.

Siminoff said that a lot of the feedback he sees comes from customers who want to go back home or be able to see when a certain thing happens in a certain place in the house, or who want to use a camera for a certain room.

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