RIP Josie Harris: An Ex-Girlfriend of Mayweather

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Mayweather: Josie Harris is an actress and ex-girlfriend of Floyd Mayweather. Josie Harris was also a mother of three children with Floyd Mayweather. The names of her children are “Koraun Mayweather, Jirah Mayweather, and Zion Shamaree Mayweather.”. Jirah MayweatherShe was born on January 17, 1980. She worked in many movies, but her most famous film is “Exit 38“.

Floyd Mayweather is an America boxing legend. He was born on February 24, 1977. During his entire career, he won 15 major world titles for his excellent boxing skills. Floyd Mayweather had a long term relationship with her ex-girlfriend Josie Harris, the mother of three children of Mayweather. 

Josie Harris and Mayweather

Josie Harris died on Monday Night:

But now Josie Harris is not more in this world. According to the TMZ, Josie Harris died on Monday night. TMZ also reported that when they found her in her house, she was dead. This case does not look like a murder. The investigation staff said that this case seems a natural death. The actual reason for her death is not publicly revealed. Police are still investigating.

Josie Harris, almost six times, reported about the physical torcher of her boyfriend, Floyd. On the most severe physical abuse of Mayweather, she brought the case in court, and her fifteen-year-old son witnessed the truth in his mother’s statement. And due to this physical torcher and the breakdown of women’s rights, the court sent him to jail. He spent sixty days in prison for this domestic violence. Harris opened up to the world about the maltreatment, claiming Mayweather assaulted her six distinct occasions.

But he just was indicted for the incident of September 2010, which Josie blamed him for going into her Las Vegas house as she slept there and assaulting her before the children. She said that her younger son was eleven-year-old. Koraun said his dad asked him to go to his room, lock the entryway, and not move. But I came up short on the house and got a security watchman to call the police to help her mother. Koraun also said that he entered into the house not alone. His father, Floyd, came with his companion, who tried to stop him from going out for help. 

After some years, Josie Harris downplayed this incident. She said that now everything is fine. We forgot it and will move forward in our lives. 

Josie Harris relationship with Mayweather:

Josie Harris stated her relationship with Mayweather in 2017. She said that I was a battered lady. I felt humiliated by saying I was a battered lady, I felt disgraced. I inclined that it was my flaw. What did I do? I didn’t comprehend what a battered lady was around. Presently I realize I was in an extremely broken, threatening relationship and a casualty of abusive behavior at home.

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