Rob Gronkowski NFL comes out of retirement, but with the Buccaneers

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The Buccaneers sportively revive Rob Gronkowski NFL and team him up with Tom Brady for one last dance.

Rob Gronkowski nfl
Rob Gronkowski NFL will play but with tom brady

While every beginning has an end, there are players in the NFL who surprise and return for the second half. The most recent case is that of Rob Gronkowski, who will be reunited with Tom Brady, but not in New England.

Gronk will come to the Buccaneers, thanks to trade between the Tampa Bay board of directors with the New England Patriots, the team that will receive a fourth-round pick from this year’s Draft in exchange for the veteran tight end and a seventh-round pick. 

This move was necessary because, despite his retirement, Rob had a contract that still linked him to the Pats, which is why the exchange had to be made. After a season away, jersey number 87 will seek to emulate his best years. 

He is not the first (and surely will not be the last player) to return from retirement to take a second breath in the teams. Here we present some cases. 

Rob Gronkowski nfl
Tom Brady

Jason Witten 

The most recent case, before Gronkowski. The tight end was with the Dallas Cowboys between 2003 and 2017 until, in April 2018, he announced his retirement and joined the Monday Night Football broadcast team for ESPN in the United States. 

However, for 2019, Witten decided to sign a one-year, $ 4.5 million contract with the Cowboys and left his position on the television network. He finished with 63 catches, 529 yards, and four touchdowns. He currently left the team and signed with the Las Vegas Raiders. 

Brett Favre

One of the most important quarterbacks in NFL history. He played with the Green Bay Packers between 1991 and 2007, when he announced his retirement, but returned the following season with the New York Jets, after some trouble with the Packers after his retirement.

His time in the Big Apple only lasted a year, so in 2009 he signed with the Minnesota Vikings, staunch opponents of the Packers. In his first year in Minneapolis, he led them to the final of the National Conference, but was unable to emulate their level the following season and retired permanently at 41 years of age. 

Marshawn Lynch 

Chosen in the 2007 Draft by the Buffalo Bills, the truth is that Lynch found his true consolidation with the Seattle Seahawks, especially remembered for his escape in 2010, in the wild card round. 

When miraculously, Seattle (which qualified for the playoffs with a 7-9 record) eliminated Brees and company, in part with that 67-yard rush that broke some tackles. Beastmode’s retirement had come in 2015, but he returned in 2017 with the Oakland Raiders and stayed with the bad guys until 2018, signing with Seattle in 2019, to be a free agent this year.

Randall Cunningham 

The quarterback is remembered for his time with the Philadelphia Eagles (1985-1995), retiring at the end of that period. Still, he repented and decided to try his luck with the Minnesota Vikings, coinciding with Cris Carter and serving as a mentor for young receivers like Randy Moss and Jake Reid.

In 1999, he was seated to give priority to Daunte Culpeper and tried his luck one year with the Dallas Cowboys (2000), is a replacement for Troy Aikman, in addition to the Baltimore Ravens (2001), also as a substitute. In 2002, he signed a one-day contract with the Eagles and retired in his green jersey.

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