Robin Williams tragically passed away

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(CNN) Susan Schneider Williams tried to recapture her husband’s legacy through Robin’s Wish. An attempt to celebrate the life of Robin Williams Balance with explaining the undiagnosable disease that caused his death.

The documentary leaned towards the latter, creating an unbalanced respect. Which to some extent made the media bear the way of describing these events. Williams died of suicide in 2014 at the age of 63. Which is a tragic ending for someone who brought so much laughter and joy to others

What followed was a deep personal review of Williams’ last days through the eyes of Schneider Williams, friends and professional colleagues.

They could say that something was wrong with him, but their understanding was Lost direction. The last category includes not only Levy. Who noticed a mistake in making the second “Night” sequel, but also writer and producer David E. Kelley, who included Williams in the CBS comedy “The Crazy Ones.”

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Most of “Robin’s wish”:

Focuses on the science surrounding the disease, which Dr. Bruce Miller described as “progressively irreversible, unstoppable, and always fatal”, and is often misdiagnosed, just like the case of Williams .

However, the rest of the film feels a bit scattered, from Williams’ incredible comedic thinking and improvisation skills. (Whether on stage or during the recording of “Aladdin”) To his friendship and interaction with him. Williams’ life and career. Soldiers take part in the USO tour.

For a more satisfying and detailed exploration of Williams’ genius. A better choice is the 2018 HBO documentary “Robin Williams: Into My Soul”.

In the statement released by the film, director Tyler Norwood emphasized the goals of the project. Expressed his admiration for Williams. And hoped that the film would “correct the mistakes made to him and eliminate the injustices that loomed over him. Dark clouds of his legacy. Too long.”

The heartbreaking aspect of “Robin’s wish” is that Williams passed away without knowing what happened to him. And Schneider Williams’ determination to keep the record improved. To some extent, how effective it is to convert a specific task into an independent documentary is another matter.

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