Robinhood: Trading App’s Server Down

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Robinhood Markets, Inc. is a financial services based company situated in Menlo Park, California. Founders of this Robinhood Markets Inc. are “Vladimir Tenev” and “Baiju Bhatt.”. It provides various financial services as Robinhood Crypto in which people do crypto trading. They also have a website and a mobile application that helps people to invest in stocks and ETFs. Robinhood’s mobile app is available on various platforms such as Android, Apple Watch, and also on iOS. And they do not work offline. They perform all the activities online without demanding any extra charges from users.


Robinhood Trading App went down:

On Monday Morning, Robinhood, a free-trading app, went down. And the investors are feeling frustrated because they cannot look at the position of their portfolios. They have over 10 million users. And the server goes down due to the massive amount of traffic. An organization’s spokesperson said to clients that it was encountering a systemwide outage that it was attempting to determine and clear it as soon as possible.

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Moreover, they said that our system is facing some downtime issues. And these issues are influencing all functionalities on our platform. Our company is well aware of this issue, and we are working on it. Soon we will be successful in resolving it. So, kindly, don’t worry. We are soo sorry for the trouble that you are facing right now.

Before this big glitch in their services, two users named “TD Ameritrade” and “Vanguard” also reported on Friday. They reported to the company that they are facing some issues during login into the app. At that moment, the company replied to the users that there two minutes glitch they encountered. This outage and slowness were due to the massive amount of web traffic than that of the regular days. But now everything is fine. Don’t worry about this outage.

TD Ameritrade told via Twitter that the cause of this outage they faced is the forced update of iOS. And this update caused a big problem for the persons using the old hardware and softwares. Trades processed as usual on Friday, but the confirmations of these trades performed slowly on Friday.

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